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Tr​aining ​​& Development

Riverside Community College District is committed to providing practical and professional training opportunities and resources to staff in alignment with the District’s strategic goals. We offer training to develop employees’ skills and competencies which contribute to efficient work performance. We also provide programs that encourage academic advancement in support of career development. We provide learning in a variety of methods and styles to equip staff with skills and confidence to perform their duties at the highest level. Our goal is​ to inspir​e employees to achieve excellence! ​

Professional Growth Program

The District encourages confidential and classified employees to continue to develop and improve job skills, as well as academic experiences, through academic and professional endeavors. It is our goal to assist employees in attaining new skills and proficiencies beyond those presented at the time of initial employment.

The Professional Growth Program is a voluntary program for classified and confidential employees.  To be eligible for participation in the program, the employee must be a classified or confidential employee of the District and be employed to work twenty (20) or more hours per week for at least eight (8) consecutive months per year. Coursework completed prior to employment with RCCD may not be considered for Professional Growth purposes.

If a Classified or Confidential employee is planning on taking for credit courses, at an accredited institution, they may submit the requested coursework ten (10) working days prior to the first day of class to the Professional Growth Committee for approval. Upon review of the coursework, the committee will notify the employee if the coursework has been approved or denied.

Upon completion of twelve (12) semester units of approved course work, the employee may submit a request for a professional achievement step. The step increase will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval and will be effective the month following board approval.

There are a maximum of seven (7) Professional Growth achievement steps, two (2) of which must be in the job skills category. These are not related to salary step increases. A Professional Growth achievement step, should it be approved, is an additional $35 paid monthly. A Job Skills achievement step, should it be approved, is an additional $40 paid monthly. The coursework in the job skills category does not have to be taken consecutively; it is evaluated on a cumulative basis. Upon completion of all steps there’s a potential earnings of $255 monthly (to be pro-rated if applicable).  You may only take your Professional Growth Stipend with you if promoted within the CSEA bargaining unit.

If attending any of the RCCD institutions, the transcript office(s) will print out two (2) sets of Official Transcripts, per academic year, for the purpose of Professional Growth. ​

Staff Development Program

Staff development is a planned learning program, activity or experience that has as its major purpose the maintenance or increase in employees’ job related knowledge and skill that contribute to the employees’ ability to effectively carry out his/her job duties and responsibilities. Staff development also provides positive reinforcement and enhancement to employees’ morale, self-esteem, self-improvement and upward mobility.

All regular (FT and Permanent PT) classified and confidential employees are eligible to request Staff Development Funds. ​

University Partnership Programs

Riverside Community College District values the growth and development of its staff. We are proud to announce our partnerships with the following academic institutions. Each institution offers various programs and an employee discount to our Faculty, Associate Faculty, Administrators and Classified/Confidential employees, respectively. For more information, you may contact Diversity and Human Resources at 951.222.8595 or you may directly contact the institution you are interested in attending. ​

Brandman University - Riverside Campus

T 951-697-0111

Brandman University offers scholarships* to Riverside Community College District’s students, employees, employees’ spouses, and dependents, for new student enrollments as further defined below: 

  • Undergraduate hybrid and traditional online programs: Scholarship of ten percent of undergraduate tuition rate

  • Master’s degree programs:  Scholarship of ten percent of master’s degree tuition rate

  • Ed.D. Organizational Leadership program: Scholarship of ten percent of tuition rate

*The scholarship amount remains fixed based on the time of initial enrollment (even if tuition increases) and as long as the student does not miss more than two consecutive sessions. Other scholarships, military funding, and discounts may not be combined. 

California Baptist University - Online

cbu online

CBU-Riverside Community College District Preferred Partnership Program provides the following benefits.


  • Free Application

  • Discount Scholarship up to 30% off Tuition

    • Undergraduate Online Programs (full-time) 30% and (part-time) 10%

    • Graduate & Doctorate Programs (on-line and on-campus) 20%

    • Undergraduate On Campus Programs 10%

  • Professional faculty, admissions and advising support​

At CBU, we pride ourselves in offering more than 160 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs both online and on-campus. Led by expert faculty and supported by robust student-centric resources, students are championed throughout their time at CBU. We are excited to serve your organization and help your employees achieve their educational and professional goals.​

National University

​Monir Masoud - Manager of Community College Pathways
Phone or Text: (619) 457-1200
  • Schedule an Appointment

  • Scholarship opportunity for Employees of Riverside Community College District

    • 25% tuition scholarship toward bachelor's and master's programs

    • 15% toward doctoral degrees

    • Spouses and dependents receive a 15% scholarship for doctoral degrees and 10% for bachelor's and master's degree programs


  • Why Choose NU

    • Convenient 4- and 8- week courses

    • Year-round enrollment

    • Take classes 100% online

    • Generous transfer credit policy

    • Free wellness resources and counseling

    • 1:1 academic and career counseling

    • Free tutoring, mentoring, and more
  • Break Free From ABD and Earn Your Doctoral Degree


      • The NU Dissertation Completion Pathway
      • You’ve invested countless hours, passion, and dedication into your doctoral journey, and we believe that your hard work should not go to waste. At National University, we understand the challenges faced by students in the ABD (All But Dissertation) stage, and we are here to help you overcome those obstacles and achieve your long-awaited goal.​

University of Redlands 

School of Business
Edgar Chavez, Campus Director
T 951-782-7995

School of Education
Lizbeth Serna, Assistant Director of Enrollment

RCCD employees, spouses and domestic partners of employees shall receive a tuition discount of 15% for the School of Business and School of Education programs offered at any of the University of Redlands regional campuses. RCCD employees, spouses and domestic partners of employees shall receive a tuition discount of 10% for the School of Continuing Studies programs delivered on-site at RCCD facilities.​