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Drug-Free District

Riverside Community College District (RCCD) is committed to maintaining a safe and productive teaching and learning environment. RCCD ​​endorses the federal government's efforts in implementing the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989.

This page is intended to provide information to the college community about the college's Drug-Free College policies, standards of conduct for students and staff, the health risks of drug and alcohol abuse, programs available at RCCD for students and staff, and legal sanctions related to drug and alcohol abuse. This page is not intended as a substitute for counseling and treatment, but it can be a helpful starting point. Those who are interested in speaking with a professional about their questions and concerns are encouraged to click on the applicable resource on this page for more information and to contact counseling services.

For information and resources related to the college's drug-free and tobacco-free policies, please visit the following:

BPAP 5850: Drug-Free Environment​
BPAP 5870: ​Smoking on Campus
BPAP 6460: Drug Prevention Program ​

Effects of​ Drugs

​​​​The consumption of drugs and alcohol can have significant negative effects on health. Repeated use of alcohol and drugs can lead to addiction, and cause serious damage to the nervous and circulatory systems, mental disorder​s, and other health problems.

Visit https://www.niaaa.nih.gov/alcohols-effects-health​ for alcohol facts and risks, including:

Visit drugabuse.gov​ for drug facts and risks, including:​

      • Cocaine and Crack​​

      • Marijuana​​​

      • Heroin and Opioids​

      • ​"Bath Salts" Facts
      • "Spice"​

      • ​Methamphetamine​​

      • MDMA/Ecstasy/"Molly"​​

      • ​​Inhalants

      • LSD and PCP ("Angel Dust")​

      • Tobacco Facts
        • Anabolic S​teroids​​​​


Legal Sanctions for Drugs

Under federal and California state laws, illegal drug and alcohol activities carry criminal penalties. For specific details, please refer to Federal and State links below​.​

  • Controlled Substance Act​ - Visit the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency site to view data related to offenses and pe​nalties per Title 21 United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act.​

  • U.S. Department of Justice information related to federal trafficking penalties​

Read the California Controlled Substances Act. Lists Schedule I-VI Controlled Substances and describes violations and penalties associated with controlled substances. Learn about CA laws concerning alcohol use, possession, and distribution and impaired driving and the associated penalties:​​


Getting Help for Drug Use

Are alcohol and drugs affecting you? Take a self-assessment.​

Students of the RCCD shall adhere to the following District alcohol, drug and smoking policies:​


For assistance with alcohol and drug use:​

For on-campus assistance call:

Riverside City College Health Services – (951) 222-8151

Norco Campus Health Services – (951) 372-7046

Moreno Valley Campus Health Services – (951) 571-6103

For off-campus services call:

Riverside County Substance Abuse Program – (951) 955-2105
24-hour Detox Line – (951) 955-2100 

After-Hours (5 pm) – 1-800-499-3008 ​

For toll-free information, call: 

Local Al-Anon or Alcoholics Anonymous – (909) 825-4700

Assisted Recovery – 1-800-527-5344 

Cocaine Anonymous – (951) 359-3895 

U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Services Administration - Cocaine/Substance Abuse Hotline
– 1-800-662-4357 

National Council on Alcoholism – 1-800-662-4357​

The Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free service provided for all employees and their dependents, and household members by the Riverside Community College District. This program offers a wide variety of counseling, referral, consultation services, which are all designed to assist you and your family in resolving work and life issues in order to live happier, healthier, more balanced lives. From stress, addiction and change management to locating child care facilities, legal assistance, and financial challenges, Deer Oaks' qualified professionals are here to help.

RCCD Managers are expected to enforce the District's Drug, Alcohol and Smoking policies. Please refer to the tools below to assist with management of these policies.​​​

      • ​"Substance Abuse and Addiction - The Essentials​": Explores recognizing signs of alcohol and prescription drug use, understanding addictive behavior, using strategies to prevent substance use disorders, and understanding treatment and recovery options. There are relevant articles and resources for each of these topics.

      • ​​"National Institute on Drug Abuse - Military​": Offers several resources for service members, veterans, and their families who need help dealing with substance abuse issues.​







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