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Forms to Request Assistance

Need Help?​

The DE Department offers a variety of services that faculty can request via the following forms. Read the description for more information about each form. Click on the link in each description to access the relevant form.

​​Assistance Requests​

  • Course Development Request Form -- Course Developers can help you build Canvas content items for your courses -- from one item like a content page to whole modules and even whole courses. We are happy to collaborate with you or even do all the building for you. Use the Course Development Request Form to start your Course Development Project. The Course Developer will email you within 24 business hours to set up your appointment.​
  • Document Repair Form (Accessibility) -- ​​​​​Request document repair for accessibility in documents such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files. Faculty will be contacted by the Accessibility team (A-Team) within 24 business hours​ to discuss the turn-around time of requests. Up to 5 documents may be submitted per request.
  • Faculty Assistance ​​Form -- Request general assistance with technical issues in Canvas or with online instruction issues that do not fall under any other request form topics. This list details the topics that this form covers:
    • Canvas Related Issue
    • Gradescope, Respondus, StudyMate, Turnitin, or Badges
    • Video Storage
    • Pronto Transcript
    • Request Copy of Template Class
    • Blackboard Archive Access
    • SI Enrollment
    • Demo Student
    • LTI Installation
  • FERPA Certification Submission Form -- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of students' information and education records. To access student information, FERPA training is required. Previously, this training was accessed through 4faculty.org, which is no longer available. ​
    • While new District FERPA training is being identified, faculty who want to access student information via WebAdvisor & Canvas, can register for & complete the 2021 FERPA 101: For Colleges & Universities (Accessible)​ course, created and run by the US Department of Education. This free training is estimated to take 35-45 minutes and requires faculty to watch videos, read some text, and answer quiz questions.  To be FERPA Certified, please do the following: 
      • Create a free account using your district email. 
      • From the multiple courses shown, select “2021 FERPA 101: Colleges and Universities (Accessible).” 
      • ​After completing this FERPA training, download and save the certificate provided. 
      • Upload your certificate to the FERPA Certification Submission Form.
    • NOTE: It can take up to 48 business hours for a reply once the form is submitted. Please email District DE​ for assistance. Review this information about FERPA considerations for merged courses.


​Course Shell Requests

  • Canvas Lab Class Request Form -- ​​Request to separate Lab class for an embedded Lecture/L​​ab class with a separate Lecture faculty. This will give you a separate lab class in Canvas and allow students to "self-enroll".
  • Copy Course Content Form -- ​​​Faculty can copy course content from one Canvas course shell to another. However, if you need help, faculty can request that their content be copied from one Canvas course shell into another Canvas course shell. This is useful when migrating content from a course taught in a prior term to the same course in the current term. If you are asking to copy your course content into another faculty's course shell, you will need to complete this request form to freely share course content so that DE can copy the content.
  • Development Course Form -- ​​​Request a new Canvas development course shell. Development shells (sometimes called a sandbox course) can be used as a testing environment to create or update content for a future class or to try new ideas.​
  • Merge Courses Form -- Request​ merging of similar sections of the same course taught by the same faculty to be merged into one Canvas shell. Merging should only be considered for sections taught with the same modality. Once merged, courses cannot be unmerged after the start of the term. Faculty should submit the Merge Course Request Form 4 weeks prior to the start of the term. Review this information about FERPA considerations for merged courses.
  • Non-Instructio​n​​​​al Course Form -- ​​Request a new Canvas course shell for non-instructional purposes. Examples of non-instructional purposes might include public information pages, departmental collaboration pages, or student resources.

Certification Requests