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Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows employees to reduce the taxes you pay on earnings by setting aside a portion of each paycheck for eligible medical, dental and dependent care expenses before taxes are calculated. You can choose to participate in two different types of flex accounts: ​

      • Health Care FSA lets you spend tax-free money to pay for a wide range of eligible medical and dental care costs.​

      • Dependent Care FSA covers payments for child and dependent care that allows you to work.

Once a year, during open enrollment or when you become eligible for benefits, you decide the amount to contribute to your health and/or dependent care FSA by estimating how much you will pay that year for doctor visits, dental work, dependent care, and other qualifying expenses. The annual amount you select will be divided into equal, tax-free flex account contributions that will be deducted from each paycheck. As eligible expenses are made you submit a claim for reimbursement.

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