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Employe​​e Be​nefits​​

The District provides health and welfare benefits to all full-time and permanent part-time employees (20 hours or more) and their dependents. Those employees working less than full-time will receive a pro-rata share of the benefit package. Employees in positions less than 20 hours per week are not eligible to participate in health and welfare benefits. 

For benefit questions contact Edwina Cardenas: (951) 222-8136 or


Refer to the RCCD Employee Benefits Guide for more information.​

Associate Faculty​

Associate Faculty have the option of participating in medical insurance with one of our two HMO plans. Enrollment in the Health Net or Kaiser plans is available bi-annually during the months of September and February with effective dates of October 1 or March 1. Enrollment is contingent upon the participants FALL and SPRING teaching assignment(s). The District will cost share with the employee and will pay for 50% of the monthly premium to insure the employee only. The employee has the option of enrollment eligible dependents; however the employee assumes the full cost to insure their dependents. 

Medical Insurance Plans

The employee has a choice of Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, or the RCCD PPO Plan. The employee may elect to change carriers once per year during our annual open enrollment month of September.  Normally such election shall be effective October 1 of each year. 

Kaiser Permanente  

HMO medical coverage fully paid by District for employee and legal dependents. Zero office co-pay and minimal out-of-pocket costs.​

Health Net  

HMO medical coverage fully paid by District for employee and legal dependents. Zero office co-pay and minimal out-of-pocket costs.



Self insured PPO medical coverage fully paid by District for employee and legal dependents. Annual deductibles and some out-of-pocket costs. The plan is managed by Health Now Administrators with the Blue Shield Network a​nd Express Scripts pharmacy​. 

Dental Plan

Dental insurance coverage, through Delta Dental, for employees and legal dependents shall be provided by the District. Incentive based, as you use the plan your costs decrease. PT Faculty are not eligible for dental coverage.

Effective July 1, 2022 Delta Dental’s Benefit Plan includes Dental Implants for Active benefit eligible employees.​

Life Insurance Plan

The District provides a $50,000 life insurance policy by a carrier designated by the District.  All benefit eligible employees shall participate in this life insurance program. ​

Voluntary Vision Plan

A Voluntary Vision Plan is available to eligible RCCD employees on a voluntary basis. For those interested in purchasing these services, we offer this through Vision Services Plan (VSP). Eligible employees include those who are full time faculty or staff and permanent part time staff working 20 or more hours per week. Associate Faculty members must contact the Benefits office to confirm eligibility. Employees have an opportunity to select from either a Premier Coverage or a Basic Coverage (materials only). VSP offers employees necessary eye health and their offerings include discounts on covered and on non-covered services. 

Voluntary Insurance Products

American Fidel​ity

Planning for the unexpected is important and insurance doesn't pay for everything. Do you feel fully protected? Get help with your insurance options from your American Fidelity account manager,

Pacific Educators ​

Pacific Educators is one of California's oldest and largest providers of employee benefits to education/school personnel and their families. Their focus is to provide the highest qualify Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Cancel Insurance available to California Teachers, California School Employees (Classified) and California Administrators/Management.​


BenefitBridge is a secure website and gateway to your personal benefits information, health and wellness resources and a multitude of decision support tools. The portal requires user registration for security and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. ​

Retirement P​rograms

​The District participates in the following retirement programs: ​​

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 CUSTOMER SERVICE: (800) 462-8328 ext. 4727  Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm, Sat: 9am – 3pm


Any employee who has questions, or who is interested in participating in a 403(b), 403(b)ROTH and/or the 457 (b) plan, should contact your SchoolsFirst Representative to schedule an appointment. 

The 403(b)​, 403(b) ROTH ​and the 457(b​) benefit plans do not have an open enrollment period, so employees can enroll at any time.

Refer to the SchoolsFirst FCU Plan Vue Par​​​ticipants Guide to help you enroll in your plan today.​​


SchoolsFirst Financial Education – Education at no cost!

SchoolFirst Financial Education
Greenpath Financial Education
SavvyMoney Minute
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Money IQ​​

Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows employees to reduce the taxes you pay on earnings by setting aside a portion of each paycheck for eligible medical, dental and dependent care expenses before taxes are calculated. You can choose to participate in two different types of flex accounts: ​

  • Health Care FSA lets you spend tax-free money to pay for a wide range of eligible medical and dental care costs.

  • Dependent Care FSA covers payments for child and dependent care that allows you to work.

Once a year, during open enrollment or when you become eligible for benefits, you decide the amount to contribute to your health and/or dependent care FSA by estimating how much you will pay that year for doctor visits, dental work, dependent care, and other qualifying expenses. The annual amount you select will be divided into equal, tax-free flex account contributions that will be deducted from each paycheck. As eligible expenses are made you submit a claim for reimbursement.

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Affordable Care Act/Covered California

Detailed information regarding Affordable Care Act and Covered California can be found on their website at www.c​

Visit our Health & We​lfare ​​website for information and forms.