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FLEX Policy

The flexible calendar program provides time for full-time faculty to participate in professional development activities that are related to "staff, student, and instructional improvement" (Title V, Section 55720).

FLEX is designed to enhance faculty development. By law, each RCCD faculty member is responsible for the development of his or her plan for professional and/or personal growth for the purpose of instructional development within the confines described in the RCCD contract.

The RCCD FLEX obligation is 24 hours for the academic year (effective July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014).  Faculty have broad discretion about how they complete their FLEX obligation. 

Individual flex activities are approved by departments or (if designated by the department) by department chairs. The administration plays NO role in approving FLEX individual activities. The Vice President's office on each college is responsible for recordkeeping.

State regulations require careful tracking of hours and verification of time (Title V Section 55727 & 55728) through sign-in sheets, ticket stubs, examples of work, etc. The Vice President's Office is reminded by the State Chancellor's Office that thorough record keeping is their obligation. The state has the right to audit each college's records to verify completion.

Since FLEX hours must be completed or pay withheld, your individual FLEX activities are important. If you have completed an Individual Activity, please forward evidence of that completion at your earliest convenience. 

If you need assistance, please contact the appropriate flex support person for your college.

Flex Policy 
Flex Workshop Sign-in Sheet
Flex Workshop Sign-in Sheet (RCC)

FLEX Process

There are two ways to participate in FLEX:

      1. On-Campus (FLEX approved) events, workshops, and activities: Print your name on the provided event sign-in sheet. 

      2. Individual Activities: Fill out the Individual Activity form on FLEXtrack. This will forward this to your department for approval. Submit evidence of completion to college flex support person after activities are completed (required by state regulations, Title V, Section 55727 & 55728). ​

FLEX Purpose

The state pays faculty salarie​s for their 24 FLEX hours. The hours may be used for:​

      1. Course instruction and evaluation, including assessment 

      2. Staff development, in-service training, and instruction improvement

      3. Program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation (e.g. Program review training, curriculum review)

      4. Student personnel services

      5. Learning resource services

      6. Student advising, guidance, orientation, matriculation services and student, faculty and staff diversity training

      7. Department or division meetings, conferences, and workshops, and institutional research

      8. Other duties as assigned by the district

      9. Other: that contribute to improvement of instruction, administration, or student services​