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ALLY Program

​The program provides support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender college community. An “Ally” is a visible member of the Riverside Community District community (staff, faculty or students) who is willing to provide a safe haven and empathetic ear to anyone concerned with sexual orientation or gender identity issues. ​

​Become an Ally! Attend a training seminar, sign an Allies contract and hang a placard outside yo​ur office door. ​Seminars are provided at all colleges and includes a panel of LGBT students, dialogue around LGBT issues, training regarding resources and addressing heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia.​

About ALLY
LGBT Community Resources
ALLY Scenarios
LGBTQI Terminology
Ideas for ALLIES of the Transgender & Intersex Communities
What Can I Do?
When a Friend Comes Out

ALLY Coordinators

Moreno Vall​ey College
Donald Foster

Professor, Music
(951) 571-6263

Michael Schwartz

Associate Professor, English
(951) 571-6213

Norco College
Cameron Young

Assistant Professor, English
(951) 738-7405

Laura Adams

Assistant Professor, Psychology
(951) 738-7732

Riverside City College
Al Weyant-Forbes​

EOPS Specialist
(951) 222-8125​​