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Professional Growth

Plan for Professional Growth (Certificated) 
Request for Salary Reclassification
BP 6160 - Professional Growth
AP 6160[A] - Professional Growth - Full Time Faculty - Salary Advancement and Sabbatical Leave

Faculty members must submit a plan for professional growth to the PG&SL Committee in advance of initiating professional growth activities, and ​must have preliminary approval of that plan to ensure it meets the necessary District requirements and criteria for professional growth and unit allocation.

Reclassification for pay purposes is not retroactive with respect to the date of completion of the course work or approved activity, or the submission of verification of completed course work or approved activity.

The information to be provided to Educational Services for the PG&SL Committee's review is as follows:​

Course Approval Requests
      • A complete Plan for Professional Growth - Full Time Faculty (Certificated) Form.​ All fields listed on the form must be complete. 

      • A letter to the committee regarding the program/degree. In your letter, please address the following:

          • What will you attain upon completion of the academic program?

          • Are the courses applicable toward a degree, certificate or credential program?

          • How are the courses directly related to your FSA and/or how would the courses enhance and further your ability to perform in your planned area of expertise?

      • Complete course descriptions for all courses.

Reclassification Requests
      • ​A complete Request for Reclassification ​Form. ​All fields listed on the form must be complete.

      • A copy of your letter from the PG&SL Committee approving the coursework

      • Electronic Official Transcripts: An official, electronic set of your transcripts may be sent directly from the academic institution to susan.brucks@rccd.edu.​