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Emergency Management

Emergency Management is the process of creating and implementing strategies to manage emergencies or disasters. Risk Management works with the colleges to create a safe work environment with emergency preparation plans for various situations. It is the District's job to keep its employees, students, and visitors safe in the event of an emergency.

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Disaster Service Workers

All employees at Riverside Community College District and all of its locations are Disaster Service Workers. Disaster Service Workers are public employees who can be called upon to assist in the event of an emergency. Upon hire, employees sign an Oath of Allegiance for their service and follow the District's Board Policy 5807-Disaster Service Worker​.


Emergency Operations

Emergency Operations refers to the process of planning, training, exercising, and evaluating to protect people and property in emergencies and disasters.

​The District has an Emergency Operations Plan (draft) in place to assign responsibility to individuals to carry out specific tasks in the event of an emergency.

In order to assist employees, students, and visitors in the event of an emergency, the District also has an Emergency Reference Guide​ that offers guidance for specific types of emergencies.

All of our sites also have Emergency Procedures​ posters on site in multiple locations to assist in the event of an emergency.


Building & Floor Captains

Each of our campuses has a Building & Floor Captain Program. Building and Floor Captains are responsible for the safety of individuals in their assigned areas. Each Building and Floor Captain will manage evacuations, check assigned areas, and coordinate emergency operations as necessary.

RCCD is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Building and Floors Captain Program has been established to continue that commitment during an emergency.

Captains partner with personnel from Risk Management, Police, and RCCD Management to assist in safe evacuation, shelter in place or lock down procedures in times of crisis. Review the Building & Floor Captain Handbook​ for more information on the program.


Emergency Items Available Around Campus
Lock Blok/Door Blok​

The Lock Blok/Door Blok allow doors to remain accessible from both the inside and outside when in the locked position and can easily be removed to quickly lock down a room. View the Lock Blok/Door Blok Instructions for the use on this emergency management item.

Lock Blok/Door Blok Instructions

Stryker Evacuation Chairs

Stryker Evacuation Chairs allow the evacuation of disabled or injured persons, weighing up to 500 pounds, from multi-level facilities in emergency situations. The Stryker Chair Document gives instructions for use of these chairs and  Stryker chair locations.

Stryker Chair Document
Stryker chair locations

First Aid & AED

Riverside Community College District has first aid kits and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for use across our campuses for the health & safety of our employees, students, and visitors. The link below shows the locations of these items at each of our facilities.

District-wide First Aid & AED Locations​

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