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"Body of Freedom" Exhibit Opens at RCCD Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties


Body of Freedom

Community arts projects exploring social justice and equity took center stage at the "Body of Freedom" exhibit opening on Thursday, February 1st, at the Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties in downtown Riverside. Supported by a generous Creative Corps Inland SoCal Grant and partially funded by the California Arts Council, this collaborative initiative brought together local artists, students, educators, and community members to explore themes of social justice and equity through diverse artistic mediums.

In the lead-up to the exhibit's opening, fourteen free four-week multidisciplinary workshops engaged participants in various forms of creative expression, including dance, yoga, visual art, creative writing, fashion, and choir. Led by esteemed artists and educators such as Ekaterina Orlovie, Cosmé Cordova, Edith Motley, Cathy Maxwell, Erin Maroufkhani, James Coats, Jennifer Phillips, David Dean Cruz, Selena Jane Wilson, Ulises Rodriguez, Maggie Harrison, and Missy Townsend, these workshops provided a platform for individuals to find their voices and explore their identities.

The "Body of Freedom" exhibit, which will be on display until March 16th, is a reflection of the rich tapestry of Riverside's community stories and creativity. From a permanent community mural at Ramona High School to striking dry-point etchings, mosaic designs, poetry adorning windows and doors, and innovative fashion pieces crafted from recycled materials, the exhibit exemplifies the power of art to inspire dialogue and foster social change.

The opening night celebrated creativity and activism, with performances, a fashion show featuring hand-made and recycled fashion, poetry readings, and captivating artworks on display.

The event drew a crowd of approximately 200 attendees, with standing-room-only as community members, students, and artists came together to share their voices and perspectives. Audience participation was a highlight of the evening, with a drumming session inviting attendees to join in the rhythm and energy of the performance.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to the 'Body of Freedom' exhibit," said Tracy Fisher, Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties Director. "It was truly a celebration of community, creativity, and activism, highlighting the importance of art in advancing social justice and equity."

Among the attendees were representatives from The Press Enterprise and RCCD photographer Gio Cardenas, who captured the essence of the event and the artworks on display.

As the exhibit continues to spark conversations and inspire reflection, the RCCD Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties invites visitors to engage with its thought-provoking themes of freedom, justice, and civil liberties.

For more information about the exhibit and related programming, please contact The Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties at socialjustice@rccd.edu or visit https://socialjustice.rccd.edu/index.html.

Event Details:

The Body Freedom exhibition runs from February 1- March 16, 2024.

Location: The Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties | Riverside Community College District | 3855 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501

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