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Telework Implementation Overview Sessions


Riverside Community College District allows workplace flexibilities to better support students, employees, and District operations. An eligible employee may request to voluntarily adjust their work location.




Eligible employees (permanent management, confidential, and classified professional) may request telework by completing and submitting completion of the following five (5) items noted below:

1.  Voluntary Telework Agreement
2.  Loaned Equipment Inventory form
3.  Ergonomic Computer Workstation Self-Evaluation Checklist
4.  RCCD Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course - Security Beyond the Office
5.  RCCD Ergonomic Training Course - General Office Ergonomics (EDU)
Telework Voluntary Flexible Work Arrangement Presentation

If you have questions please, contact a member of the Employee & Labor Relations and College Support Services team:
Silvester Julienne
Senior HR Liaison
email iconSilvester.Julienne@rccd.edu
Danielle Sanders
Senior HR Liaison
email iconDanielle.Sanders@rccd.edu
Graciela Caringella
Director, Employee & Labor Relations and College Support Services
email iconGraciela.Caringella@rccd.edu