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​​​DE Faculty Training (DEFT) Webinars

Learn about online pedagogical practices and new tools you can use to improve the instruction of your course(s). If you miss or can’t make these days/times, look for a recording in our DEFT Video Library of our past webinars or make an appointment​ to learn about these topics.​​​​​​ 

Register to Attend Live DEFT Webinar​s

We’ve got two types of webinars for you in November: 

  • Build with Templates! (evening webinar hours) -- District DE Course Developers will demonstrate how to use templates and pre-built Canvas items to build course content quickly and easily. You’ll have two opportunities to see each webinar, and we’ll even have evening hours! Join us to learn how to build with templates.

  • Advanced Training for Media & Tech Tools -- Join District DE personnel to learn advanced features and uses of our media and tech tools.

    We’ve got two types of webinars to wrap up the Fall semester: 
    • Updated Welcome Module (template) --  Come learn about the newly updated Welcome module (and all the new add-ons!). The District DE Course Developers will demo the contents and even help you import it into your Winter and Spring courses during the session if you want. Or you can set up an appointment  (for later in the month) to have the Course Developer help you get ready for next semester. 
    • Advanced Training for Media & Tech Tools -- Join District DE personnel to learn advanced features and uses of our media and tech tools. 

    Vendor Webinars & On-going Trainings

    VoiceThread offers workshops to support new users. You can also watch previous webinars on a variety of topics such as Flipped Classroom, Assessment, Game-based Learning, and more. Register for current & review previous VoiceThread webinars. Note: times listed are (usually) Eastern time zone

    Cidi Labs offers ongoing workshops for beginner and intermediate users. You can learn how to use these new course building tools in three quick 1-hour workshops. Register for upcoming DesignPLUS workshops (calendar updated monthly). Note: All training times are listed in the MTN time zone. 

    Packback is a critical thinking discussion tool that encourages students with AI prompted suggestions, requirements, and feedback. To support faculty, Packback offers monthly and weekly live webinars. Check out their monthly live webinars (Note: times are listed in CST); if the day/time doesn’t work for you, there is an attached recorded version to view at your convenience. You can also hop into Jacob Youngblood’s weekly info session on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11am (PDT).

    LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor
    This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session repeats multiple times per week and provides a detailed demonstration of both applications, including enhancements that make Respondus Monitor even more effective and easy to use. Use the link above to register.