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​​Moreno Valley C​​ollege Class Schedule

​​16130 Lasselle Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92860 | (951) 571-610​0 | www.mvc.edu
Ben Clark Training Center: (951) 571-6300 |  BCTC Law Enforcement: 16791 Davis Avenue, Riverside, CA 92518​ ​
BCTC EMS/Fire Technology: 16888 Bundy Avenue, Riverside, CA 92518

Due to the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) and requirements for physical and social distancing Riverside Community College District will be offering all lecture classes online.   These course sections list the location as TMP-ONLN.  These classes can be accessed via Canvas, Riverside Community College District’s Learning Management System.  For more information please visit the Distance Education website: https://www.rccd.edu/admin/ed_services/de/Pages/index.aspx

Courses with practicum, lab, or performance components that can comply with requirements for physical and social distancing will be offered in a hybrid modality with permission from the county.  These classes list physical locations where meetings will be held, online components will be accessed via Canvas.​​​​​

Technology for Online Courses 

A desktop or laptop computer with internet access should be the primary device used for online courses in Canvas. While Canvas can be used on mobile devices, such as tablets, Chromebooks, and cell phones, Canvas does not always function properly with mobile browsers, and there are features within Canvas that your instructor might use that do not appear in the Canvas app for mobile devices. In addition, some of the third-party applications that your instructor may have integrated in your Canvas course may not work on your mobile device. There is limited mobile support for Canvas, so if you have a problem with Canvas using the mobile app, you may not be able to get help. 

Your instructor may require that you take online proctored tests that use a webcam and microphone. Please check with your instructor to be sure that you are aware of hardware and software requirements for your course.​​