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​​Frequently Aske​d Questions

Online Class Options:​

Will we have an​ option to take classes online. I need two chemistry classes left in order to transfer and would love to feel safe at home to take those within this district.

Current plan will not offer emergency online classes (which are common in the lab sciences). In Plan B, it is possible but it depends on the course.

And so we should be prepared to retreat, individually, to online instruction temporarily, yes?

Yes, faculty need to be ready for a partial or full shut down of in-person instruction. Currently, we do not believe this likely to happen, but faculty should be prepared nonetheless.

If a student can't return to F2F instruction, though, I am very concerned about the fact that we weren't given the time to rebalance the offerings online among the disciplines--within the 80 20 guidelines--and so some classes that are required for ALL students are going to be extremely limited in the online environment for students unable to return F2F.

VPAA, deans, and chairs will follow normal enrollment management practices thorough the enrollment process and make adjustments in modality (where possible) to meet student demand. Students with limitations may be moved to online sections based on feasibility.

Will we AT LEAST have one class per subject available online? For those that are still in fear of COVID and do not mind online schooling?

The Deans and Chairs will work with discipline faculty to determine the best mix of in-person and online instruction--all in keeping with the Contingency Assumptions that state, "Colleges will attempt to maintain a balanced schedule, to the extent feasible, in terms of on-campus vs. Online, days of the week, time of day, etc."

I wanted to know if any classes will be offered online for those with kids that do not want to risk coming on campus. 

Under all scenarios, there will be fully online classes. Our primary full return plan includes offering at least 20% of all course sections (individual classes) in a fully online format. For our colleges this represents a modest increase for a regular fall semester. Under the back-up plan, 50% or more of our course sections would be offered fully online. Under all scenarios, the colleges will work to offer a broad set of courses across all types of instruction (fully online, hybrid – partially on-campus & partially online, and face-to-face – fully on-campus) in order to meet student needs. 

Will lecture classes be online and lab on campus?

Under all scenarios there may be classes offered in a hybrid format in which the lecture portion of the course is online and the lab is on-campus. There will also be classes that are fully online and those that are fully on-campus. ​

What if we don't have child care at the moment to continue our education?

Fully online classes may be a viable option for those students with limited ability to come to campus.


It seems that the RCC plan of action is to return to business as usual, with classes being conducted exactly as they were before the pandemic. I would think that the pandemic taught us that more online and/or hybrid classes are in order. Also, neighboring districts are implementing more online and hybrid classes in the fall. What is the reason that RCC is not doing the same?

RCCD is planning for full return based on the COVID-19 data trends (continued decrease in COVID rates and increasing vaccination rates). Moreover, a significant percentage of our students have stopped out during the 2020-2021 academic year and indications are that many have done so because they do not want to enroll on online instruction. 
However, District and College leadership acknowledge that there may be restrictions (social distancing, room capacity limits, etc.) that remain in place through the start of the Fall 2021 term which would make the full return plan impossible. As a result, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators are engaged in the development of a back-up plan that would shift towards more fully online classes and services. This work is ongoing and should be completed by the end of May 2021.


How long will vaccination clinics continue on RCCD campuses?

Vaccination clinics will continue through fall semester, but RCCD will continue to evaluate opportunities to meet the needs for our communities.

Many colleges and universities will be requiring proof of vaccination for students and faculty to be in classrooms. Will that be the case at MVC, NC, and RCC?

We strongly encourage students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated at this time. ​The District will continue to provide resources and opportunities for community members to get vaccinated. 

Classroom COVID Safety Protocols:

The "Cap" on some classes is 49. You can barely squeeze 49 desks in the room. How is this going to be handled and maintain social distancing?

Current plan assumes no social distancing. Plan B takes into account distancing and each college is creating section specific plans to accommodate students. In many cases additional sections will need to be shifted or added online and/or hybrid.

In addition, in many cases there is only a 10 minute break between classes that utilize the same classrooms.  Who/how are these rooms going to be sanitized between classes?

Current plan protocol requires deep cleaning once per day. PPE will be on hand for students and personnel to clean their stations upon entry as needed.

Not all classes--e.g. languages (Spanish, French, etc)--can be taught in person while everyone is masked.  So is there a way to have a discussion / find a solution for these kinds of specific instances? 

Yes - we are aware of this legitimate concern and are working on options. We will make sure that we work closely with faculty within these disciplines to make sure we have options specific to the discipline and course (e.g., face shields, clear masks, and specialized masks for playing instruments.

What accommodations will be available to students with disabilities?

Each DRC/DSS college office is working with students to provide reasonable adjustments during this time.  Students with disability-related concerns should reach out to their college's DRC (Norco and RCC) or DSS (MoVal) office to determine what individualized support services will be available.​

College Safety

So what is the responsibility of department chairs in contact tracing?

The Safe Return Plans for each college establish the reporting and contact tracing responsibilities. Seating charts ad daily attendance rosters are currently required and are serving as the primary means of contact tracing. Department chairs are not responsible for contact tracing at the section level, but they are required to understand our protocols and communicate with instructors, the area dean, and Health Services as needed.

So instructors have a requirement to report cases?  OK but we need to communicate VERY clearly to everyone what their responsibilities are.

The District updates COVID guidance every two weeks and updates the Safe Return Plan protocols regularly. These protocols are shared and discussed in a variety of settings and personnel are and will continue to be trained in COVID mitigation and response protocols.

What is the plan for faculty office hours and counseling/advising? These intimate functions happen in small spaces that are not conducive to barriers of any kind. What is the expectation for how faculty will facilitate in-person office hours and counseling/advising services for the Fall 21 term?

Faculty Office Hours – We understand that most faculty office spaces are small. Under primary plan we are assuming that there may be no distancing requirements, though wearing masks may still be required. Accordingly, in-person visits may be ok even in small spaces while wearing masks. However, if conditions do not allow for this (6-foot distancing, 3-foot distancing, etc.) then contingency protocols and recommendations will be developed with the Safe Return Taskforce Workgroups. This could include flexibility to hold office hours via Zoom (may require MOU with RCCD Faculty Association).  

Will masks/face coverings ​be required on campus?
The District will continue to follow all current state and local guidelines.