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Announcement Regarding New Placement for Math and English

Transferable English and Math

Beginning in Fall 2019, students were eligible to take transfer-level math and English courses. Research shows that a high school grade point average and coursework are the strongest predictors of performance in college-level coursework.   

With the newly enacted process (Assembly Bill 705), students will receive a placement using high school records instead of our old assessment tests. The new placement process will include a variety of academic and student support services.​

To get your new placement, by simply answering a few questions.

Take the Placement Survey Now​ -  You will be redirected. Use your student email/WebAdvisor login information.​  

*If need assistance, please visit your local Admissions & Records Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assembly Bill (AB) 705?
AB 705 is a bill signed by Governor Brown in October 2017. The bill requires that a community college district or college maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in math and English within a one-year timeframe and use, for the placement of students into math and English courses, one or more of the following: high school coursework, high school grades and high school grade point average.

How will this affect me?
If you previously placed with the AccuPlacer test into a math or English class that was lower than transfer level, you should take the new placement survey. Starting in Fall 2019, you will be eligible to enroll directly into a transfer level math course (Math 12, 25, 11, 26, 36 or 5 or 10 or 1A) and English course (English 1A) with or without support, depending on your placement results.

I have completed English 1A and transfer level math (Math 12, 25, 11, 26, 36, 10, 1A, etc.), do I need to take the new Placement survey?
If you have completed English 1A and all of the math courses needed for your degree or to transfer, you do not need take the new placement survey.  If you have additional courses remaining to complete your degree or transfer requirements, you might have a higher placement based upon the multiple measures guidelines. It is recommended that you take the survey to ensure that you are given the highest possible placement you qualify for.

If I haven’t taken transfer level math and English, what do I need to do?
Getting your new placement is easy! Log into WebAdvisor, click on the Placement Survey​and answer a few questions about your high school experience and your educational goals. Your results will state what classes you should take.  Remember, this is NOT a test.

I don’t feel ready for transfer level math.  How can I be successful?
AB 705 is all about you and your success!  Although you might not feel ready for transfer level math, the data overwhelmingly shows that students have better success when they enroll directly into a transfer level class. Keep in mind, there are a number of support systems available at your college if you want or need them.

What if my placement states I am required to take a linked support course?
Some students may get a placement that either requires or recommends a linked support course or co-requisite class. This is a class you will enroll in at the same time as the transfer-level course that provides additional support, class time, and skill work to help you succeed in the transfer class. If you have been recommended for a support course and are not sure if you should take it, talk to a Counselor or Educational Advisor.

If your placement includes a required support course and you feel that you can succeed in the transfer-level course without the additional time and skill practice provided by the co-requisite, you can challenge this placement through the Matriculation Appeal which can be obtained from your Counselor.

Do I need to take a placement test also?
No, there is no longer a placement test, you just need to complete the placement survey instead. The results from the survey questions will determine the courses you should enroll in.  

I took the survey, but I don’t understand the results, where can I get more information?You are encouraged to meet with a Counselor or Educational Advisor.

For additional information about English or math placement, click here to view a video explaining the English courses and here​ to view the Math.

What is BSTEM and SLAM?

BSTEM and SLAM are the two different pathways for math based upon your chosen major and emphasis.  BSTEM stands for Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is a path that includes a course in calculus.  SLAM stands for Statistics and Liberal Arts Mathematics and is a path designed for majors in Liberal Studies, Social and Behavioral Science, Visual and Performing Arts as well as a number of other non-STEM areas of study.

My placement on WebAdvisor says BSTEM 4 / SLAM 3.  What does this mean and why do I have two placements?
The two placements you are given are based upon your major and whether it is a BSTEM or SLAM pathway.  Please see a counselor to determine which path is appropriate for you chosen program of study. The placement levels given correspond to a group of classes that you are eligible to enroll in.  Below are the possible courses you are cleared to enroll into for your given placements.

  • SLAM 1 - Math 11, Math 12, Math 25 of Math 26
  • SLAM 2 - Math 12, Math 25
  • SLAM 3 - Math 112, Math 125
  • BSTEM 1 - Math 1A, Math 5
  • BSTEM 2 - Math 10, Math 5
  • BSTEM 3 - Math 36, Math 23, Math 5
  • BSTEM 4 - Math 136, Math 105
  • BSTEM 5 - Math 35