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RCCD ​Faculty Association 

​​​​​RCCD Employees: The RCCD Faculty Association is the union for collective bargaining in the district. A faculty member becomes a member by filling out and signing the membership form. Please contact the Membership Chair or any union representative for forms or to submit a form. 

There are more benefits to faculty if he/she is registered as a member. The membership benefits include: ​

  • ​Collective Bargaining 
  • $1 Million Dollars Liability Insurance 
    • ​​$1 million coverage for civil lawsuits 
    • $300,000 for civil cases 
    • $35,000 reimbursement for legal costs for criminal cases 
  • ​Free Legal Representation by CTA Attorneys 
  • ​CTA Death and Dismembership Plan 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • ​Life Insurance 
  • Automobile Insurance, Homeowners Insurance 
  • Credit Union Services 
  • ​No-fee, low-rate VISA/Master Card 
  • Savings Account Home Loans, Personal Loans 
  • ​Entertainment, Travel and Purchasing Discounts 
  • Vision Service Plan 
  • Long Term Care plans 
  • Disaster Relief Fund 
  • Ability to Vote on Contract and Union Officers 
​​​Fill out a membership form today and give it to Human Resources or any union representative! 

***If you are teaching at another district that is CTA affiliated, then the association can reduce your dues to “local dues” only. The association needs a copy of your CTA card from your other school district. Please call Shari Yates (951) 222-8903 or email shari.yates@rcc.edu to obtain information for not paying “double dues.” 

***If you do not attach the complete form, you will still be paying the union dues but will not receive the benefits of being a faculty union member. 
California Higher Education Association, California Teachers Association, Riverside Community College Chapter (RCC-CTA), selected by the faculty as its collective bargaining agent under the provisions of Senate Bill 160, represents the faculty on salaries, fringe benefits, and professional matters related to working conditions. It also voices professional concerns in the legislature and the courts, in contract talks, and before the Board of Trustees. Whenever decisions on working conditions are made that affect personal and professional well-being of faculty members, the CTA represents their interests.