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In January 2020, the RCCD Foundation launched a 1-year campaign to raise funds for the ​Century Circle program.​ Thanks to our generous individual, corporate and foundation partners, we reached our $50,000 goal in September! 

Your Century Circle contributions have already made an impact! Earlier this year, the RCCD Foundation Board of Directors allocated a portion of these funds to support emergency financial aid for students experiencing difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board is prepared to allocate additional funds for this purpose, and for other special initiatives at the three District colleges. 


Dennis Brandt

Citizens Business Bank

CryoWorks, Inc.

Cynthia Gundersen

Frank and Lucy Heyming

Inland Empire Community Foundation

MUFG Union Bank

Southern California Gas Company

Steve and Shelby Loomis

Tamara and Jeff Sipos​

Corey and Melanie Seale

Robert and Helen Riddick

It's never too late to contribute to the Century Circle fund! Read on to learn more about Century Circle and the types of projects it has funded, and click the Donate Now button to make your gift today!

What is Century Circle?​
Century Circle is an annual giving program that provides funding for special projects and priority initiatives throughout the Riverside Community College District. Donors who contribute at least $1,000 per year to the Century Circle fund play an integral role in the Foundation's endeavor to respond to pressing needs and support initiatives that further our District's mission.​

How You Can Participate​​

  1. Click Donate Now​ to make your gift of at least $1,000 to the Century Circle Campaign.
  2. ​Share the campaign link with friends and colleagues and encourage them to participate!

The Foundation will host a special reception in early 2021​ to celebrate the end of the Century Circle Campaign and thank all our generous donors.

Be sure to check back for updates on our progress!

Select Campaign Stories​


October, 2020

Great news!

The Century Circle Fundraising Campaign has reached its goal of $50,000!

Thank you to MUFG Union Bank for its contribution of $5,000, which pushed us to our goal. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to make this fundraising campaign a success. Your contributions have already made a difference. The Foundation Board recently allocated Century Circle funds to provide emergency aid to Norco College students impacted by the pandemic and we anticipate additional disbursements to students at our other colleges as well.

Even though the 2020 Century Circle Campaign has reached its goal, donors can contribute to this program at any time. To learn more about the Century Circle program and how it benefits RCCD students, please visit

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to our 2020 Century Circle Campaign!


July, 2020

The RCCD Foundation’s Century Circle campaign received an unexpected boost thanks to a generous $20,000 grant from the Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF). Founded in 1941, the Inland Empire Community Foundation is the oldest and largest community foundation serving the Inland region. The RCCD Foundation has enjoyed a decades long partnership with IECF. This philanthropic relationship began in 1997, and today the RCCD Foundation is the recipient of over $100,000 in scholarship funding each year from donor advised funds managed by IECF.

“After the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread school and business closures all over our region and state, the RCCD Foundation Board quickly resolved to allocate a portion of Century Circle funds to help the colleges provide direct emergency aid to students,” said Launa Wilson, executive director, RCCD Foundation. “This leadership by the Foundation Board has so far provided $50,000 in Century Circle funding to our colleges, and an unexpected momentum boost to the fundraising campaign that began before we ever understood the real impact this pandemic would have on our region”.

Now, with this additional $20,000 from IECF, the RCCD Foundation has raised $46,000 towards its Century Circle campaign goal. More importantly, the IECF grant will provide additional emergency student aid in the fall as the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 continue to disrupt the lives of some of our most vulnerable students, Wilson added.

The RCCD Foundation Board and staff are eternally grateful to our longstanding partners at the Inland Empire Community Foundation for this generous grant!


June, 2020

Citizens Business Bank recently approved a $5,000 gift to the RCCD Foundation’s Century Circle fund, and we have now raised over half of our $50,000 fundraising campaign goal. The Century Circle program provides funding for special projects and priority initiatives throughout the Riverside Community College District. The annual giving program plays an integral role in the Foundation’s endeavor to respond to pressing needs and initiatives that further the District’s mission. For instance, Century Circle funds were recently approved by the Foundation Board of Directors to provide emergency financial aid to RCCD students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since 1974, Citizens Business Bank has been creating banking relationships by focusing on customers and helping them achieve more for their business, their employees, and the communities they serve. 

Thank you, Citizens Business Bank for supporting the Century Circle program.


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February, 2020

The Foundation reached its January Century Circle campaign goal of raising $10,000. And, by doing so, it unlocked the generous matching gift from Frank and Lucy Heyming.

Thanks to the following individuals and companies who contributed, giving the campaign early momentum and helping to secure the matching gift:

CryoWorks, Inc.
Loomis Insurance Services                   
Robert and Helen Riddick
Corey and Melanie Seale
Jeff and Tami Sipos

The Foundation still has $30,000 to raise to meet the overall campaign goal by June 30. 


Frank and Lucy Heyming

Local Family Makes Challenge Gift for Century Circle Campaign (January 2020)

Frank and Lucy Heyming have never limited themselves to just one philanthropic interest. They have a variety of interests, including the arts, education, and the environment, and like to see their philanthropy make a difference throughout the community.

This, in part, is why they have agreed to support the RCCD Foundation's Century Circle Campaign with a $10,000 challenge gift.

​“My wife and I have always believed in being philanthropic," said Frank Heyming. “When we were young, we were giving to various organizations and causes, and we have continued and grown our philanthropy throughout our marriage."

Most recently, Frank created and donated an original sculpture to Riverside City College. The piece, called Aspiration, is now on permanent display in the RCC Quad. Frank's wife Lucy, also an artist, attended RCC and served as a staff reporter for Viewpoints, the College newspaper.

Frank and Lucy decided to support the Century Circle Campaign because of its broad impact at the three RCCD colleges. “We like the fact that these funds go to priority areas at all three colleges," said Frank.

In order for the RCCD Foundation to unlock this generous challenge gift provided by Frank and Lucy Heyming, we must raise a matching $10,000 from other Century Circle donors by January 31. Matching gifts of at least $1,000 will be eligible for helping us unlock this challenge.

“I am so grateful to Frank and Lucy for stepping up with this challenge gift as we kick off our Century Circle Campaign," said Foundation executive director Launa Wilson. “Their generosity will give us early momentum and help ensure that we successfully reach our fundraising goal."

For more information about how you can support the Century Circle Campaign and help us unlock the Heyming challenge gift, contact the Foundation at 951-222-8626 or


Century Circle Funded​ Projects

Below are a few examples of projects supported with Century Circle program funds: 

Jazz Composer Rick Lawn

Riverside City College Music Department

The Century Circle program provided funding for renowned jazz composer Rick Lawn to attend and perform with the Riverside City College Jazz ensemble. ​

Next Phase Program Students taking a test
Norco College Next Phase Program

The Century Circle program provided funding to support the expansion of campus support programming for formerly incarcerated students at Norco College to augment the college's prison education initiative. The Next Phase Program provides in-person community college instruction, advising, and academic support services to incarcerated students. 

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Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center

Century Circle funds were granted to Moreno Valley College's Ben Clark Training Center for the creation of a new forensics yard. This new facility will provide students with hands-on experience in evidence collection procedures. In addition to the creation of the forensics yard, the Century Circle program provided funding to purchase forensic equipment to be used by Moreno Valley College students.