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RCCD Board of Trustees Upcoming Meetings

Because of the continued COVID-19 restrictions and limitations of people allowed to congregate, only a limited number of staff along with the Board of Trustees will be allowed in person. In order to accommodate public participation, a continued virtual link will be provided via live streaming on RCC's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9tCDF4RDXCqzrUS0QfO09A/featured?disable_polymer=1%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%8B

Submission of Public Comments

1. Members of the public can join the meeting virtually through Zoom to directly voice their comments to the Board. To request virtual access for the June 15 , 2021 RCCD Board of Trustees Board Meeting, a link to the form​ will be posted 72 hours before meeting​. Log-in information will be sent soon after submission.

2. Written public comments can also be sent to WrittenPublicComments@rccd.edu which will be read during the public comment portion of the meeting. Submissions by email must be received prior to 4:00 pm the day of the meeting to be included.

Available Archives from March 2019 to present are located at the bottom of this page below. Archives from years 2004 - February 2019 are available on our Archived​ Meetings webpage. ​

Audio R​ecordings​ which include Public Comments are also available.​