RCCD Procurement Technical Assistance Center Director Assists Puerto Rico Businesses

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Hurricane Maria caused severe damage to Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and technology leaving residents and businesses without vital resources. Julie Padilla, director of the Riverside Community College District Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), is available to assist Puerto Rico’s businesses once the island begins its recovery. With the Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Center off-line, Padilla has offered to handle in-coming calls until the center’s operation is restored. 

Padilla, who began her career as a procurement specialist and later became the director of the Federal Contracting Center in Puerto Rico came to RCCD as director of the PTAC in 2008.    

“There so much sadness and anguish because of the hurricane,” said Padilla. “We must support each other. I am privileged to contribute to the reconstruction of a new Puerto Rico, through the PTAC, by serving Puerto Rico businesses interested in participating in disaster government contracting opportunities while our fellow Puerto Rico PTAC resumes their operations.” 

Padilla who grew up in Puerto Rico has family still living on the island and has not heard from her father and brother since the hurricane hit the island on September 20. The storm was the most powerful weather system to hit the island since 1932. In its aftermath, Puerto Rico lost radar, weather stations and most importantly communication capabilities.

RCCD’s PTAC provides assistance to businesses seeking to market goods and services to the federal, state and local government, either directly or as subcontractors. ​