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​​Social Media Disclaimer

Riverside Community College District (RCCD) welcomes the exchange of ideas and interactions made possible through social media websites. The material posted, however, is not always authored by and not necessarily reflective of the view of RCCD.

All RCCD social media posts are subject to review by District and college representatives, and, if deemed inappropriate o​r th​reatening, we reserve the right to remove and/or report such postings to RCCD authorities who will process these communications under the appropriate codes, policies or procedures, or through law enforcement. ​Comments about bullying, guns, bombs or other violent acts or language will be taken seriously.

Links to other websites are not an endorsement from the District, the colleges, or any institutional office or individual (altogether “RCCD Parties”), all of whom do not guarantee the content or validity of such sites, and users follow links at their own discretion.

 RCCD Parties reserve the right but do not have the responsibility to remove any link deemed inappropriate in their sole determination.

By accessing any RCCD social media site, I acknowledge my agreement with and acceptance of these terms and will not hold RCCD Parties responsible for content of any sort, or for harm, loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of using any of these social media sites or resources.​​