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​​Diversity, Equity & Co​mpliance

Diversity, Equity and Compliance (DEC) is responsible for the District’s efforts to maintain a climate that is free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation. We work collaboratively with the College communities to create an environment that is safe for respectful intellectual interactions and growth. Our efforts include the Equal Employment Opportunity program; inclusiveness and diversity planning; District-wide trai​ning on diversity and compliance issues; investigation of discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints; Reasonable Accommodation process for qualified disabled applicants and employees.

DEC is part of the District’s Human Resources ​and Employee Relations​ Department.

Administrative Staff

Lorraine Jones, M.S.W.​
District Compliance Officer
(951) 328-3874

Georgina Villaseñor-Lee
Diversity & Human Resources Analyst
(951) 328-3725