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Emp​loyee As​​sistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

REACH is your employee assistance and work life services provider, contracted and prepaid by RCCD as a benefit for you and your family.

REACH Employee Assistance and Work/Life Services offers employees short-term counseling and support for a range of personal, family, financial and work/life problems. This early intervention service helps promote total well-being, reduces the need for more costly mental health services, decreases absenteeism and improves productivity. The program also features management consultations to address workplace productivity issues and disruptive event management planning, conflict resolution and other organizational issues. RCCD employees will have access to up to six visits per occurrence. 

RCCD recognizes that a a variety of personal and family matters and/or issues may affect an employee’s person​al and work lives.  Through the EAP, RCCD provides access to a nationwide network of comprehensive services, private practitioners and community resources.​


Who is Eligible?

RCCD employees and their immediate family members.​

What are the Program Features?

The features of the EAP and Work/Life program include the following:

  • Short-term counseling focused on coping strategies
  • Licensed counseling for stress, depression, family issues, substance abuse and more 
  • Referral for long-term counseling or specialized care, as needed
  • Work/life specialists locate, determine availability for elder care, child care, legal and other support services
  • Access to website to self-search work/life provider databases, articles, webinars and onsite seminars
  • Comprehensive financial wellness resources including online articles, webinars, calculators, downloadable forms
  • Consultations with financial/legal specialists
  • HR or management consultations to address sensitive employee issues
  • Disruptive event management planning and initial disability consultations involving mental health or substance abuse
  • Promotional and employee communications​