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​Sa​bbatical​​​ Leave

Sabbatical Leave, a leave of absence not to exceed one academic year, is part of the total professional growth program and should consist of study and/or research or return to industry or business for the purpose of improvement of the individual's contribution to the District.


Complete the Sabbatical Leave Request Form along with your Sabbatical Leave Proposal and submit them with the Sign Off page to your Vice President of Academic Affairs or Educational Services by MARCH 15 for the following academic year or by May 15 for the following spring semester only.

* A "Certificate of Health" signed by physician (Article XIII, P.3.d) must accompany your Sabbatical Leave Request.

** Please be aware that a Sabbatical Leave Bond is required and must be submitted to the Vice Chancellor of Business and Financial Services by August 1st. 

Prior to the beginning of your leave, it will be necessary that you provide a suitable bond indemnifying the District against loss in the event that y​ou fail to render at least two (2) academic years' service in the District immediately following your leave. The bond, for which the District will pay 50% under the terms of the CTA Agreement, should be provided to the Vice Chancellor of Business and Financial Services, along with an invoice for one-half of the bond amount for your reimbursement. You will need to submit the original sabbatical bond, an invoice and a copy of the check or receipt showing your payment for the bond. Address the invoice to Riverside Community College District, attention, Vice Chancellor of Business and Financial Services. The invoice should show the full amount less one-half which is your responsibility and the net amount which is the District's Vice Chancellor of Business and Financial Services responsibility. Include your name and address and a reimbursement check will be mailed to you.​