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​​Profession​​​al Growth

The information to be provided to Education Services for the PG&SL Committee's review is as follows:

Course Approval Requests

  • A complete Plan for Professional Growth – Full Time Faculty (Certificated) Form.​ (Please note: All fields listed on the form must be complete and please list your current position title next to your name on the form)
  • A letter to the committee regarding the program/degree.  In your letter, please address the following:
    • What type of degree will you attain upon completion of the academic program?  
    • Are the courses applicable toward a degree, certificate or credential program? 
    • How are the courses directly related to your FSA and/or how would the courses enhance and further your ability to perform in your planned area of expertise?
  •  Complete course descriptions for all courses.

Reclassification Requests

  • A complete Request for Reclassification ​Form 
  • A copy of your letter from the PG&SL Committee approving the coursework.
  • Electronic Official Transcripts: An official, electronic, set of your transcripts may be sent directly from the academic institution to my e-mail address

For additional information please click on the following link(s), or feel free to contact me if I may be of further assistance: