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Inst​itutio​​nal Effectiveness

Mission Statement 

RCCD Institutional Effectiveness advances the RCCD vision by promoting and facilitating an equity focused culture of evidence and inquiry, in which accurate data and information provide the basis for data-driven decisions—to improve teaching, learning and institutional effectiveness.



RCCD will be recognized as a model of excellence in monitoring and assessing institutional efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and transparency.    


Core Values

  • Effectiveness  

  • Service 
  • Partnership  

  • Integrity ​​


​Our Staff

Dr. Lijuan Zhai, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor, Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness 

David Torres, M.A. 
Dean, Institutional Research & Strategic Planning 

Dulce Bravo, M.S.
Institutional Research Specialist

David Buitron, Doctoral Student
Institutional Research Specialist ​​

Raj Bajaj, M.S.
Dean, Institutional Reporting & Academic Services

Katherine Koh
Administrative Assistant IV​