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​Accessibilit​​y Support

Building accessible course content and materials for online, hybrid, and in-person instruction takes time and attention to detail. RCCD DE personnel are available to help faculty increase the accessibility of their content to support all of their students.

Accessibility Requirements
The Americans with Disabilities Act sections ADA 504 & ADA 508 in addition to multiple CA Government Codes require all online content be 100% accessible to all students. Per CA State and RCCD’s Chancellors mandates, RCCD faculty are responsible to ensure that all course content and materials (including publisher content) is 100% accessible for all students. Above and beyond this 100% accessible content, some students may need additional accommodations and assistance from both their instructor and DSS/DRC support staff. 

Synchronou​​​​s Accessibility Support

Days, times, and locations subject t​o change. Updated weekly. The registration links below will take you to the MS Bookings page.

  • 1:1 Appointments with an Accessible Technology & Media Coordinator -- If you learn a new accessibility tool, fix current course materials and content, and build new content from scratch, you can make an appointment. Click on the links below to register. If these times do not work for your schedule, email for another appointment time.
    • 1:1 appointments are available via Zoom
  • Group Q&A sessions with an Accessible Technology & Media Coordinator --
    • Group appointments are available via Zoom
  • Webinars & Workshop -- You can attend workshops on accessibility topics and tools led by the Accessible Technology & Media Coordinators. Check back for information on our upcoming fall webinars.
    Asynchronous Accessibility Support
    Training Course
    • RCCD's Accessibility Training course covers UDL strategies for creating accessible files, videos, and content in Canvas. All faculty can self-enroll in this 4-module, optional, self-paced accessibility course. On average, faculty can complete this training in about 5 hours. There is no hands-on work required. Please contact the Accessible Technology & Media Coordinator,​ Anish​ Bhatia, if you have questions.​​​