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DE Faculty Training (​DEFT) Tools & LTIs 

Canvas is a learning management system, a platform for creating digital content for online, hybrid, and in-person courses. Canvas has additional LTIs (learning technology integrations) and apps built in. RCCD offers support and assistance for using (some of) these apps.

These tools and LTIs ​are available to all faculty. Click on the link to be taken to the resource page inside the RCCD DE Instructor Resource shell in Canvas. There you will find a product description, getting started videos, vendor support, and digging deeper info. We have categorized these tools by usage.​

Communication & Community


Communication hub in the global navigation menu of Canvas that connects teachers and students via chat and video.​


Community building tool to assist faculty and students with accurate pronunciation of names.​


Content Building


Multi-media tool that lets you & students create threads that users can interact with by leaving text comments, recording video comments, and recording audio comments.


Robust tool that adds graded quizzes, interactions, and reflections to video content.


Critical thinking & discussion tool that acts as an instructor’s “Digital TA” to help them manage online discussions including giving students feedback on their writing.


Variety of course design tools for Canvas which can significantly cut the time it takes to develop and style high-quality content in Canvas.


(Virtual science simulations and labs)

Canvas Studio

Video content with added quizzes & discussions

3C Media

Video content​


Video content with added quizzes​


(Video creation and editing)


(Screen capture and editing)​


Study Tools


Online tutoring service


Tool to create flash cards, self-assessments, and learning games


(Online collaboration tools for office hours and tutoring)​


Assessment, Grading, Proctoring, and Originality Checkers


(For awarding digital badges and micro-credentials)


Tool to store & paste comments, feedback, and information to speed up grading


Plagiarism detection tool that helps promote originality in written assignments and provides feedback to students to help them improve their writing.


Remote proctoring service software that works within Canvas and is compatible with Chromebooks.

Resp​ondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Canvas and utilizes a student's webcam to help prevent cheating during online exams. Online proctoring via a student's webcam, used with LockDown Browser.

Respondus 4.0

Tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Canvas.​


Pope Tech

Page level accessibility scan for 37 issues and errors.

Canvas Accessibility Checker

Page level accessibility scan for some accessibility errors within Canvas' Rich Content Editor​.


Accessibility report on common errors such as Alt-text for images and missing headings in uploaded documents. 


Course overview report on some accessibility errors and issues.


Course scan to identify old, unused, non-student-facing files and pages in a Canvas course that can be deleted or moved to a DEV shell for later review.

Link Va​lidator

Canvas tool to verify internal and external links in published and unpublished content in your Canvas course.

Immersive Reader

Text-to-speech learning tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading.​​