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District Zoom Storage Plan (Updated 9/14​​/23)

Starting June 30, 2023, the District, in collaboration with the DE Committee Chairs, is implementing a new Zoom Storage Plan. Here is the plan information and resources to support:

  • Migration & Importing into Mediasite: All previous Zoom recordings are being migrated into Mediasite. Additionally, ALL new Zoom recordings will be automatically imported into Mediasite by default. 
    • Users can review migrated Zoom recordings and new Zoom recordings that will be imported into your Mediasite list. Mediasite can be accessed through the RCCD SSO (single sign-on) in "All Apps."​
  • Bulk Deletion of Old Zoom Recordings: ​Starting September 29, 2023, the District will bulk delete all Zoom recordings made prior to April 7, 2023, as those recordings will have been migrated to Mediasite.
  • Archiving Attendance for Old Zoom Recordings: When Zoom recordings are deleted, all MP4, MP3, audio transcripts (captions), and attendance records (usage reports) are deleted as well.
  • New 150-day Expiration Date for Zoom Recordings: Additionally, on September 29, 2023, a new 150-day rolling expiration date will be applied to all Zoom recordings created on or after April 7, 2023, as well as all new Zoom recordings. Moving forward, all Zoom recordings will be moved into your Zoom trash 150 days after being created. You will have 30 days to retrieve the recordings as needed
    • If needed, all users can review Zoom recordings and check their Zoom trash every month moving forward to ensure needed recordings are downloaded or migrated as needed. 
    • Watch this quick video tutorial to learn more: Deleting & Retrieving Zoom Recordings.

​​Zoom Workshops & Tutorials

Zoom can be used for work meetings, student meetings, student-to-student interactions, and video creation.​ While some of the videos below were made using ConferZoom, the features and tools are the same for CCC TechConnect Zoom.

Zoom Tools & Features

​​Migrate Zoom to Canvas Studio

Migrate Zoom to Mediasite

​Migrate Zoom to YouTube

Canvas Set Up -- Enable Zoom Course Navigation Menu Item

  • Sign into Canvas.
  • Click on the course where you will use Zoom.
  • Click on Settings in the course navigation menu.
  • At the top, click on the middle tab: Navigation.
  • Scroll down to find CCC TechConnect.
  • Click and drag it up to the top, or click on the three dots and select "Enable."
  • Arrange the navigation menu items as needed.
  • Scroll down to click "SAVE."​