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Distance Education Training & Support Calendars:

Moreno Valley College
Norco College
Riverside City College

Hello DE Faculty!

Changes to Distance Education staffing and training are occurring! We have constructed a District-wide training schedule with workshops and office hours at each college, as well as online workshops and office hours - some during evening hours.

We are fortunate to have four well-qualified staff conducting training at RCCD, each having their own area of expertise:

Vincent Alonzo and Derek Moore, Online Educational Support/Technologies Trainers have been serving Distance Education needs for RCCD distance education faculty for 18 years! Vincent’s and Derek’s wealth of experience allow them to provide excellent technical assistance and training to faculty in Canvas, including use of native Canvas tools and integration of third-party applications into Canvas.
If you need Canvas training, help with building your Canvas class, setting up course content, Canvas tools / apps, and related educational technology - or if there's a problem with how things are working in Canvas, Vincent or Derek are the people to call! They also provide video recording services to faculty, especially course introductions. Vincent works primarily at MVC and RCC. Derek works primarily at RCC and Norco College.

Contact info:
Vincent Alonzo (vincent.alonzo@rccd.edu)
Distance Education Support Specialist / Educational Technologies Trainer
(951) 571-6935 MVC
(951) 222-8693 CAADO

Derek Moore (derek.moore@rccd.edu)
Distance Education Support Specialist / Educational Technologies Trainer
(951) 222-8694 CAADO
(951) 203-4849 Cell

DJ Hawkins and Sean Ulbert, Instructional Designers. Sean and DJ will provide expert consultation to faculty in instructional design theory and support for faculty in universal design and accessibility, DJ will work primarily at MVC and RCC while Sean is primarily at RCC and Norco College. DJ is just beginning her work with RCCD Distance Education. DJ facilitates courses for CVC-OEI @ONE and has done course design and workshop presentation as well. Additionally, DJ is co-presenting at the October CanInnovate Conference. DJ is associate faculty at MVC in English and has been teaching within RCCD for 12 years.
Sean has been with RCCD Distance Education for two years. Sean has worked as an Instructional Designer for Pearson, USC, and Regis College. He has taught courses, and created content for @ONE, and presented at the Online Teaching Conference. Sean has also taught English, philosophy, and music courses at several colleges, including English at Norco.

Contact info:
DJ Hawkins (dj.hawkins@rccd.edu)
Instructional Designer
(951) 222-8216 CAADO
(951) 266-9315 Cell

Sean Ulbert (sean.ulbert@rccd.edu)
Instructional Designer
(951) 222-8263 CAADO
(858) 859-0130 Cell