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Canvas Login Instructions for Students

Canvas Username and Password

  • Your Canvas username is your RCCD email address.
  • Your initial Canvas password is newstudent.

An example of a valid RCCD email address for a student name John Doe might be:


John Doe would log into Canvas with username jdoe17@student.rccd.edu and password newstudent.

You should change your Canvas password the first time you log in!


What's my RCCD email address?

Students should receive their student email address and password when first applying to RCCD. Students who may have misplaced that information can retrieve their RCCD email address by using the RCCD Webadvisor system. Click the link below and provide the required information to display your student email address.

Learn Your RCCD Email Address

If you still need assistance, contact the Student Services department of your college.

How do I change my Canvas password?

Students should change their password as soon as they log into Canvas the first time. Instructions for changing your password in Canvas can be found by clicking the link below.

How to Change your Password in Canvas

Students who have forgotten their password can always use the "Forgot Password" link on the main Canvas login page to reset their password using their RCCD student email. RCCD student email address and password information is provided to students when first applying to RCCD. Students can access their RCCD email through Microsoft Office365 by clicking the link below.

Access Student Email

If you need assistance resetting your RCCD student email password, contact the Student Services department of your college.

How do I get help with Canvas?

Canvas provides live toll free support to all users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling
(844) 603-4264.

What are the Canvas browser and system requirements?

Canvas lists their browser and system requirements on their website. You can view them by clicking the link below.

Canvas Browser and System Requirements