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Canvas is available for all Online, Hybrid, Web Enhanced & Lecture classes!

Canvas class shell "opt-in" is no longer necessary. If you have completed Canvas training, then all of your classes will have Canvas shells created and students uploaded.
For Web-Enhanced & Lecture courses, Canvas is optional, strictly considered supplemental, and should not replace instruction time
outside of the classroom.
If you have not had Canvas training and would like to use Canvas, visit the Canvas Certification page for more information.

Q: When will students access my Canvas class?

A: Students are generally uploaded weeks before the class starts and will only be able to access on the first scheduled day of the class. Otherwise, recently added students are uploaded within 2 hours.
Once a class is Published, you can use the Canvas Inbox to message students.
We recommend faculty use this option to provide students your syllabus, book information,Canvas help & information, as well as Online Student Readiness Tutorials prior to the class start date.

Please keep in mind - even though a class is published, students will not be able to access the class until the scheduled start date.


Don't forget to publish your class! If you do not publish your class, students will not be able to access your class or view available class content on the class start date.