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RCCD Distance Education

The Distance Education department at RCCD consists of a team of caring professionals dedicated to the students and faculty of RCCD and to improving the distance education experience of all colleges within the District.

Dr. Torria Davis, Interim Dean of Distance Education

Dr. Davis comes to RCCD with more than a decade of distance education experience with expertise in integrating quality course design standards within the learning management system, online curriculum development and course facilitation, faculty training and professional development, and integrating emerging technologies with researched-based teaching methodologies. Dr. Davis holds a doctorate in Philosophy in Education with an emphasis in Urban Educational Leadership from Claremont Graduate University. In addition, she is the author of Visual Design for Online Learning, as well as a researcher, presenter, and an award-winning course designer.

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Gabriela Estrada Toro, Administrative Assistant

Gabriela is the glue that holds our department together. Responsible for overseeing all the day-to-day tasks needed to keep our department going, Gabriela has extensive experience working with academic management and staff to accomplish the goals and objectives of the District. Serving as the first line of contact for our department, Gabriela is always there to make sure things get done!

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Derek Moore, Support Specialist

Derek has been serving Distance Education needs for RCCD distance education faculty for over 19 years! Derek’s wealth of experience allows him to provide excellent technical assistance and training to faculty in Canvas, including use of native Canvas tools and integration of third-party applications into Canvas. If you need Canvas training, help with building your Canvas class, setting up course content, Canvas tools/apps, and related educational technology - or if there's a problem with how things are working in Canvas, Derek is the person to call! He also provides video recording services to faculty, especially course introductions. Derek works primarily at RCC and Norco College.

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Willaim Diehl, Anaylst/Programmer

William is responsible for devloping and maintaining the custom componets of Canvas unique to RCCD. He's always working to improve the student and faculty experience in Canvas and to ensure the free flow of data between Canvas and the RCCD student information system. William has extensive experience in academic IT and has been working at RCCD since 2015.

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DJ Hawkins, Instructional Designer

DJ Hawkins is an associate faculty member in the Moreno Valley College English Department, has been teaching within RCCD for 12 years, and is an Instructional Designer for RCCD's Distance Education Department. In addition to her teaching and Instructional Design work for RCCD, she facilitates courses, has created a new course, and creates and leads workshop presentations for CVC-OEI, @ONE, and the Online Teaching Conference (OTC). DJ has earned both @ONE certificates: Online Education Standards & Practices and Advanced Online Teaching Principles. 

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Seah Ulbert, Instructional Designer

Sean has served as an Instructional Designer for RCCD's Distance Education Department since 2017. Prior to his work with RCCD, Sean served as an Instructional Designer for Pearson, University of Southern California, and Regis College. He worked as an instructor and content creator for @ONE and created and and lead workshops for the Online Teaching Conference. As a teacher, Sean has instructed English, philosophy, and music courses at several colleges, including his associate faculty role at Norco College.

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