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As​sociate Faculty Reemployment Preference Resources

Full Time Faculty Retirees: Must complete, and submit, the Associate Faculty Request for Reemployment Preference Form. Preference is given to full time faculty who retire for the first semester that they are eligible to teach. Retired faculty will be evaluated during the first semester serving as part time faculty and if they receive satisfactory, they will be eligible to apply for preference and be considered on the three-year cycle.

Please contact Dr. Shari Yates (951-222-8903) or Susan Brucks (951-222-8381) if you have any questions.

Committee Members 2022/2023 Academic Year

  • Rhejean King-Johnson

  • Susan Brucks

  • Diana Campuzano

  • David Martinez

  • N’dea Moore​

  • Julie Taylor

  • Shari Yates

  • Lijuan Zhai​

​The criteria used to determine eligibility is as follows:

  • Completing the Associate Faculty Request for Reemployment Preference Form.

  • Teaching the specific course within the past two years and on or after July 1, 2017 when the Senate Bill and the MOU were implemented, respectively.

  • Teaching the specific course at the specific college in the district where preference is being requested.

  • Teaching the requested course for at least 2.0 total FTE per course (10 courses if 0.2) or 1,215 (2.25 FTE) non-instructional hours (Counselors/Librarians) at the specific college where preference is being requested.

  • Receiving at least three satisfactory evaluations regarding the specific course requested. This requirement includes being on the three-year evaluation cycle due to satisfactory evaluations that include peer evaluations and student evaluations or the equivalent.​

If an Associate Faculty member does not meet the criteria to receive preference, it does not mean that he/she may not be given a future teaching assignment. It just means the Associate Faculty member will not be placed on the reemployment preference list yet. The Associate Faculty member may still teach if given an assignment.​

For Associate Faculty who have not been evaluated three times in the same class, at the same location, it was purposely written into the Faculty Association Contract, and the MOU, that Associate Faculty member may ask to be evaluated every Fall and Spring term in order to quickly earn preference. The legislation for reemployment preference has changed the process in our District for Associate Faculty evaluations.​

If the Associate Faculty member does not meet the requirement(s) based on evaluations, yet has taught the same course at the same college for a minimum of 2.0 FTE, it is being recommended they immediately ask to be evaluated during the current term if teaching a course. Once they have received three satisfactory evaluations for the same course, at the same college, apply for preference again to request to be placed on the reemployment preference list.​

The process to apply for eligibility:

  • ​​Associate Faculty who wish to be considered for “reemployment preference,” must complete the Associate Faculty Request for Preference Form and submit the form to and​.

  • Educational Services will communicate to the Associate Faculty member that the preference form has been received and will verify the date and FTE requirements. The information will then be forwarded to HR&ER to verify the evaluation criteria.​

  • Educational Services will create a spreadsheet of Associate Faculty who have been approved for preference and forward to the VP, Academic Affairs who will forward the information to the Area Dean(s).​

  • Area Dean(s) will forward the preference status spreadsheet to Department Chair(s).​

  • Department Chair(s) should be reviewing Associate Faculty within their department(s) who are potentially eligible for preference to ensure that preference is warranted.​

  • Distribution of Associate Faculty Teaching Availability form(s) shall be distributed for the upcoming Fall/Spring Term by the Department Chair(s) and/or IDS.​

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