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​Enr​ollment M​​anagement

Principles and Guidelines
Decisions concerning effective enrollment management should be based on an agreed upon set of principles and guidelines. Principles upon which enrollment management decisions are based may include the following:

  • The level of the organization at which enrollment management decisions are to be made. In general, except under extraordinary circumstances, enrollment management decisions should be made at the college, as opposed to the district level. Within overall parameters established by the district through collaborative processes outlined later in this report, colleges should be charged with making operational decisions such as the number of class sections to be scheduled and the distribution of these sections across the college curriculum. Class schedules should be built by those in the best position to ascertain likely student demand (i.e. college instructional administrators in consultation with their faculty).
  • Student Academic Needs Should Drive Enrollment Management Decisions. As a general rule, student academic needs (curriculum balance, quality of instruction, availability of courses, etc.) should be the primary factors guiding enrollment management decisions.
  • The need to practice responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Enrollment management decisions should be based on the principle of providing students access to courses and programs and fostering their success while optimizing the use of financial resources. Student-centered schedules should be planned, efficient and responsive to the communities served.

In addition to the above principles, district- and college-level decision-makers can benefit from a set of guidelines​ to assist them in making enrollment management decisions. Several suggested guidelines will be discussed below in the context of the functions to be performed by the district and the colleges in managing student enrollment.​

Enrollment Management Committee Meetings, Agendas & Minutes (EMC)

Enrollment Management meetings are held the third Thursday of the month and go dark during the summer. Meetings are held in the District Office Building Conference Room 209.

2019 - 2020 Meeting Dates
September 19, 2019
October 17, 2019
November 21, 2019
January 16, 2020
February 20, 2020
March 19, 2020
April 16, 2020
May 21, 2020​

Archived Agendas & Minutes

FTES Targets

​​District Members

  • ​​Aaron Brown
    Vice Chancellor, Business & Financial Services
  • Christopher Blackmore
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology & Learning Services
  • Darren Dong​
    Director, Web Applications
  • David Torres
    Dean, Institutional Research & Strategic Planning
  • Raj Bajaj​
    Dean, Institutional Reporting
  • Sheila Pisa
    Interim Dean, Distance Education
  • Susan Mills (Chair)
    Vice Chancellor, Educational Services & Strategic Planning
  • Thea Quigley
    Executive Director, Adult Education
  • Wolde-Ab Isaac
​​​​​Moreno Valley College Members
    • AnneMarie Amezquita
      Dean of Instruction
    • Art Turnier
      Dean of Instruction
    • Carlos Lopez
      Vice President, Academic Services
    • Jeff Rhyne
      Professor, English
    • Jennifer Floerke
      Associate Professor, Communication Studies
    • Nathaniel Jones
      Vice President, Business Services
    ​​Norco College Members
    • Jason Parks
      Dean of Instruction
    • Kaneesha Tarrant
      Interim Vice President, Student Services
    • Melissa Bader
      Associate Professor, English
    • Mark DeAsis
      Dean, Admissions & Records
    • Michael Collins
      Vice President, Business Services
    • Monica Green
      Interim President
    • Peggy Campo
      Associate Professor, Anatomy & Physiology
    • Samuel Lee
      Vice President, Academic Affairs
    Riverside City College Members
    • ​Carol Farrar
      Vice President, Academic Affairs
    • Chip West
      Vice President, Business Services
    • Kristi DiMemmo
      Interim Vice President, Planning & Development
    • Kyla O’Connor
      Dean, Enrollment Services
    • Mark Sellick
      Professor, Political Science
    • Wendy McEwen
      Dean, Institutional Research​
    Minute Recorder
    • Rebecca Turner
      Executive Administrative Assistant

    SCFF​​ Committee Members

    • Greg Aycock
      Dean, Institutional Research, MVC
    • Elizabeth Hilton
      Director, Student Financial Services, RCC
    • Maria Gonzalez
      Director, Student Financial Services, NC
    • Sandra Martinez
      Director, Student Financial Services, MVC
    • Jamie Clifton
      Director, Enrollment Services, MVC
    • Marshall Fulbright
      Dean of Instruction, MVC
    • Julie Pehkonen
      Director, Career & Technical Education, RCCD
    • Melody Graveen
      ​Dean of Instruction, CTE, MVC​