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R​isk Manageme​nt, S​afety and Police

​​The Risk Management Office focuses on safety of the college, its staff, students and visitors. When an injury occurs, our job is to ensure proper care to the injured person. Our functions involve the establishment of Workers’ Compensation claims, Liability and Property Claims.​

Our office is here to answer questions you may have regarding Workers’ Compensation Claims, Liability, Property and Insurance Policies. Along with student insurance claims, subpoenas and requests for certificates of insurance.

Contact Us

Beiwei Tu
Director, Risk Management​
(951) 222-8128

Monica Esqueda 
Manager, Safety and Emergency Preparedness​
(951) 222-8566​

BJ Cain
Coordinator, Casualty Claims
(951) 222-8127

Mailing Address

3801 Market Street​​
Riverside, CA 92501