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​​RCCD Development Plans

Unified Facilities Master Plans

These document include the colleges’ facilities master plans’ projects listing, titles, descriptions, preliminary prioritization and sequencing, academic programs offered or will be offered in each facility, total estimated gross and assignable square footage, and secondary effects for new construction, major modernization and building repurposing. This listing of prioritized projects is a “living document” subject to change based on the college's decision to address its pressing academic needs or projects qualification to receive State capital outlay funding.

College Master Plans

Colleges Master Plans define how the District will meet the needs of its students and the community for each of its respective colleges. They outline the short and long-range goals for Moreno Valley College, Norco College and Riverside City College. RCCD uses master plans as a tool to periodically reevaluate education programs and facilities needs in terms of past experience, current community requirements, and future goals.

  • Education Master Plans

    An education master plan (EMP) defines a district's goals for the future of the education programs. An education plan describes current programs and details how those programs should develop in the future to meet the college needs. The plan introduces new programs and describes how the programs will be integrated into the curriculum and the direction in which they will grow in the future.​

  • ​Facilities Master Plans

    A facilities master plan (FMP) is derived from the education master plan (EMP) and provides long-range facilities improvements, infrastructure and technology that will be required to fully implement the education master plan for Moreno Valley College (including Ben Clark Training Center as an approved Education Center by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office on March 2021),​ Norco College and Riverside City College.​

College Utility Programs

The Utility Program evaluates the existing utility systems currently servicing the facilities and makes general recommendations to upgrade and modify the utility systems to support the future development as proposed by the Proposed Future Building Layout in the approved Facilities Master Plans. ​

RCCD Standards and College Guidelines

The District Standards document outlines the vision, functionality, operability, maintainability, quality and performance goals and requirements of capital facility projects. ​The College Guidelines document provides consist​​ency for building design, maintenance and operation requirements as well as ensuring cohesive campus identities and aesthetics.

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