​​Culinary Academy, Coil School for the Arts and District Office Building​​

​​RCCD Adminis​​tration

​The District Offices oversee a number of centralized functions supporting organizational effectiveness allowing the District's colleges to concentrate on instruction and student-oriented activities. Located in downtown Riverside, the District Office functions include:

  • ​​Educational Services provides resources and expertise supporting: institutional research and reporting, curriculum, strategic planning, online learning, program review and assessment, catalog and class schedule development, and adult education.
  • Business and Financial Services includes payroll, benefits, purchasing, general accounting and budget, as well as Facilities Planning and Risk and Police operations.   
  • Human Resources and Employee Labor Relations supports District students, applicants, employees, and communities by recruiting, developing, and retaining a qualified and diverse work force to build a professional, fair, and inclusive educational environment.
  • Advancement and Economic Development coordinates grants and economic development, government relations, philanthropic activities, and strategic communications on behalf of the District. ​

Dr. Wolde-Ab Isaac
Wolde-Ab Isaac, Ph.D.

Aaron Brown

​Aaron S. ​Brown
Vice Chancellor, Business & Financial Services

Tammy Few

Tammy Few
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources & Employee Relations​


Rebeccah Goldware
Rebeccah​ Goldware
Vice Chancellor, ​​Institutional Advancement & Economic Development​

Jeannie Kim
Jeannie Kim Ph.D.
Interim Vice Chancellor, Educational Services & Strategic Planning