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Cl​eare​​d4 System

Cleared4 Presentation

​​​​​CLEARED4 Board of Trustees Presentation - 08/17/2021

How to Register - Download PDF​​

  1. A unique URL will be emailed or texted to you with instructions on how to access the new CLEARED4 System. Each link is unique to YOU. Do not share your link with others​​!

    Each link is unique to you. Do not share your link with others

Daily Instructions

  1. Complete the “Check your Symptoms” questionnaire to confirm that you are not experiencing any Covid-like symptoms.
    Check your symptoms
  2. If you are “Symptom Free” and fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated with a negative test in the last 9 days, you are clear to return to campus.
    Symptom Free Based on your answers, you have been identified as someone who is free from covid like illness. Therefore, you may return to campus. However, you should still maintain recommended group precautions and alert student health services or your supervisor. If you have any changes to your well-being or new knowledge of exposure of yourself or a close-contact to coronavirus or other serious communicable illness.

Fully Vaccinated

  1. For those who are fully vaccinated, please upload a picture of your vaccination card.
    Enter Your Vaccination Data

Partially Vaccinated

  1. For those who are partially vaccinated, you must get tested until you are fully vaccinated
    • Use the “Book Appointment” option to schedule a test at a campus testing center
      Book Appointment
    • Test results will be sent directly to the CLEARED 4 WORK system within 24-48 hours
    • Test results will be valid for 9 days. You MUST get tested every 7 days until your vaccination process is complete.
  2. Partially vaccinated persons must also upload a picture of their vaccination card as proof of participation in the vaccination process​
    Enter Your Vaccination Data

Connect Your Health

  1. ​You can use the Connect Your Health Data button to link your​ electronic health records to Cleared4 and import your vaccination information.
    Connect your health data
  2. ​Please note that not all health records are available online. To ensure your vaccination information is reviewed, please upload a picture of your vaccination card.